Stonelam Surfaces LLP
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Impressive inside.
Interiors – Their unique size of 1mX3m, low weight and a thickness of just 3mm makes Stonelam ideal for interiors. They are also highly resistant to mechanical stress and strains, to chemicals, to scratches and abrasions which means they are easy to maintain and will never lose their sheen. What’s more, they come in a huge range of colours, textures and shades so you can have choices as unique as your rooms.
Outstanding outside. 
Facades – Stonelam is the perfect choice when it comes to exteriors too. Because they are ready for anything that the outdoors throw at them. They are immune to UV rays, high temperatures, frost and moisture, and also prevent the formation of mould, bacteria and fungi. They are totally weather proof and retain their chromatic properties so your exterior never ages, be it rain or shine.